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A group of international researchers are researching cancer.

Scientists have discovered a strong immune cell or powerhouse inside some of the tumors, which helps the body fight cancer.

Recent studies have shown that in some cancer patients, these immune cells can help to recover from the inside. They claim that the findings were obtained by an international research team.

The information was reported in a AFP report. Three research papers were published today in the journal Nature. It is said to identify the underlying structure of some tumors.

This is called the Territory Lymphoid Structure (TLS). For years, doctors have been using ‘immunotherapy’ to treat cancer. It enhances the body’s ability to fight tumors.

In this method, the white blood cell T-cell name is given more importance. T-Cells are taught to attack by training to recognize cancer cells.

But this innovative treatment works well for only 20 percent of patients. Studies are underway to find out why this method works well for some patients.

Wolf H. Friedman, Emeritus Professor of Immunology at Cordeliers Research Center at Paris Descartes University Medical School, said these structures act as factories or schools for cells or cells that help the body fight cancer.

These cells have to be educated in school, which is essentially a territory lymphoid structure. By training here, the cancer cells attack the cancer cells.

Researchers say that cells have been found to fight cancer against T-cells. TLS contains B-cells full, which is a type of immune cell that produces antibodies.

Beth Helmink, a Fellow in the Department of Surgical Oncology at the Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, said the study would change the perception of the role of B-cells in immunotherapy.

However, many questions were not answered in this study. One question is why not all tumors are made in such cells only in some tumors.

The question of how B-cells can play an important role in immunotherapy has not been answered. However, researchers believe that this study may open new doors to the possibility of cancer treatment.

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