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Don’t do that thing with coronavirus

There is still speculation about coronavirus infection due to lack of proper treatment.

About 3,000 people worldwide have died of the disease. Last year, the first information about the virus was reported in Hubei Province, China.

It later became known as Covid-I or Coronavirus, and spread to 5 countries outside China. People are looking for ways to stay safe from the virus. The opportunity is spreading a lot of fake information online by cyber-rogue.

Check out a list of the things that can’t be done about coronavirus online:

1. The use of face masks has increased after the spread of coronavirus. It has been shown to increase the price and demand of the mask.

Do not be fooled by the advertisement of special face masks online in fear of coronavirus. You may be tempted to buy a mask with special offers, discounts, or advance money.

Be careful before purchasing a face mask online. Experts say that no special mask has been created to prevent coronavirus.

Most of the ads you see online are fake.

2. Many people can claim online that the N5 mask is better than the surgical mask.

Health experts have clarified that wearing a mask is not guaranteed to protect against coronavirus.

The virus is so small that it can be infected with the S3 mask. So it’s best not to debate about which mask is best online.

3. Do not look for any drugs or buy any drugs online for coronavirus protection online.

Posts claiming to be a coronavirus drug are fake. Many times online advertisements have been posted saying about coronavirus resistant oils, drinks or various foods.

Yet since no reliable drugs have been mentioned to prevent coronavirus, do not rely on these products.

4. Do not read information posted about coronavirus on suspicious or clickbait websites.

Many times, fake and strange information will try to keep you on the site longer. In addition, they will try to manipulate the information with different tactics.

If there isn’t a trusted site, don’t go there.

5. Various tools or kits are being sold online to identify coronavirus.

But remember, no official test kit has come on the market till now. So the ads that are being shown in the name of the coronavirus detection kit online are fake.

6. Do not trust any messages on your WhatsApp message about coronavirus.

Cyber-rogue will help you spread and believe this information in many ways. Sometimes these links may come from the account of a close friend of yours.

Clicking on this message may result in your account being lost. After the outbreak of coronavirus, many youtubers have been giving false information to YouTube with the opportunity.

So don’t consult anyone else on YouTube or the video platform. Most of these facts can be monumental information.

So do not rely on youtube information to claim an expert online without consulting the doctor.

8. Do not look for any information online about what symptoms of coronavirus may be.

If you feel ill, you should go to the doctor quickly. Cyber-rogue traps have found many cheats in the name of coronavirus information online.

So if you look for such information you may have to fall into the trap of cheating. Do not share coronavirus unverified information on social media or any other platform in the interest of curiosity or curiosity.

Remember, the information you share can create scary situations for others. Only rely on verified and reliable source information.

10. Beware of any tempting or coroner-related mails that come in your email.

By sending phishing mail, cyber-rogue can take advantage of your curiosity.

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