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The way to get rid of allergies

Allergies are a problem that does not go away very easily.

But you know, one of the easiest ways to get rid of this annoying allergy for a lifetime. Dry one kilogram of nematopa well in the sun.

Grind it in a dry nympatta jar and store the powder in a bowl. Soak 3 teaspoons of one-third of Nimpat powder and one teaspoon of Isabul’s ghee in a glass of water for half an hour.

Drink that drink every morning on an empty stomach, noon full, and at night before bed. Thus, you should eat continuously for 25 days. It may take up to a month before the functionality starts.


Now discuss the benefits of pumpkin seeds:

The raisins are very helpful in keeping the heart good. There are many types of vitamins and minerals in raisins.

Not only does the raisin eat the water of the raisins but also the vitamins and minerals enter the body. Another reason for soaking in water is that it reduces the amount of sugar in the raisins.

Drinking the water of raisins, the stomach becomes clear. As well as the liver, the liver has to work well to clear blood.

This is why liver and kidney problems start producing harmful substances in the body that make us sick. What kind of raisins you buy in this case is very important.

Don’t buy a raisin that is very shiny. It also has to take a raisin that is neither too strong nor too soft.

Then soak the raisins overnight in a container with two cups of water.

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