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Garlic is the solution to human disease

Garlic is the solution to human disease: Garlic is a spice ingredient but lacks the herbal quality.

About half a hundred problems of human body will be solved by playing two koyas garlic daily.

The benefits of garlic have come up in the research of the University of Health and Medical Science. Garlic can play a major role in the health of the heart.

Plaque in the vein-suburbs prevents the formation of plaque. Protects against fatal disease of atherosclerosis in the veins.

Antibacterial material creates a barrier to the entry, birth and outbreak of bad bacteria in the body. Garlic also plays a vital role in curing tuberculosis.

Reduces the risk of gallbladder cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Raw garlic eliminates many problems of the maturation.

The clotting in our veins helps keep the blood flowing. Eliminates pain in the joints of the hands and feet and relieves pain in the joints.

No sleep or insomnia keeps you free from disease. After all, drinking two koyas of garlic regularly in the morning increases the body’s immunity.

Let’s know the other benefits of eating raw garlic.

  • Reduces blood pressure 1 In four cases, he may also respond to blood pressure reduction in some cases.
  • Total and LDL cholesterol is reduced by about 3-5 percent However, it has no role in raising beneficial cholesterol or HDL and reducing triglyceride.
  • Free radicals produced by metabolic actions and environmental pollution are harmful to the heart as well as to the whole body.
  • Garlic antioxidants can prevent the damage very well
  • Those who eat garlic on a regular basis are much more active
  • The prevalence of Alzheimer’s and dementia decreases in antioxidant levels Infectious diseases are reduced, the life expectancy is 5
  • Estrogen level increases bone health 4 girls However, it is not yet time to say the last

Scientists have examined the effect of raw and dried garlic in an article published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

One group of rats that grew up in the laboratory was fed fresh raw garlic for several days, and one group was dried garlic.

Scientists then spotted the shock of how a group of rats was handling them, causing a light heart attack.

However, those who consumed raw garlic, however, still had better blood circulation through the arteries of their heart and there were some changes in the heart so that the

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